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2017-04-19 10:31:06 by Tridentking


i got two followers in under 24 hours? um i dont know what i did wrong to get this kind of attention, im just going to tell yall dont expect anything high quality from me. but hey thanks for the follow makes me happy some people actually see my posts it reassures me that im not just talking to myself XD 

Picture of the Day: Here have another meme im feeling rather shit posty as of late :) 


Random Update? O.O

2016-11-02 16:59:18 by Tridentking

Ive been debating whether do start writing a story and post it here, did this a while ago on here. might do it again since its been a while and my skills have obviously improved. so yeah 

Pic of the day: A meme i made for a fb group a while ago :P 


well hello faces

2016-08-15 23:07:50 by Tridentking

So apperently people are finding my dead ass NG profile, i dont know how but im getting uh...hey there new friends welcome to my corner of the internet. i advise you to not look at my older posts as they are probably 100% edgy preteen cringey stuff. i rarely post posts here but when i do i can assure you its nice and bland. most people call me Trident but you may call me Tridentking if you'd like. i think thats about it really. Until next time....Peace!

Pic of the day- here have a cute Giratina human form drawing (i know the proper term is something with a G)3265298_147131680221_giratina.jpg

well hello there

2016-08-05 02:02:12 by Tridentking

its almost been a year since my last post, im a terrible person. before it becomes a year i wanted to make a post. i got a job finally so thats a thing. everythings relatively the same. i got into steven universe earlier this year so thats also a thing, a good thing i might add. but yeah i think thats about it. until next time, peace

Pic of the day- to accompany my love for SU here have a picture of best gem combined with best overwatch mom (i dont play overwatch :P ) 


whats up guys how are yall doin this fine day/night/evenin what ever time your reading this lol. Started my sophmore year in college last week. i met two friends impresive i know XD. one of them thought i was an LOL player *shudders* but shes cool. the other one i dont even know his name lol im terrible. i still cant get over that girl i liked back in HS. there is a possibility ill never see her again (besides on the web Via snapchat/ fb pics). there is this cute (possibly shy) girl in my history class, i held the door for her (along with half of the class as well) she said thank you (like some people in the class as well). PROGRESS!!!! buuuut yeah. nothing too new happening really. i got some pretty cool teachers. but thats about it really. again if u guys wanna chat with me feel free to shoot me a PM, i may not always reply sometimes i forget or sometimes im on Phyrnna's Picarto Chat when she streams/just chatting. but yeah love you guys and all and as always until next time Peace!

Uh no pic of the day today feeling a bit lazy :P

So today was one of my friend's birthday and my present to her is publicity. She's an artist so she makes art, if you're into manga/comics (her style is more manga like i guess) you can check out a comic she's working on as of right now (first page and it goes on from there, u may need to make an account its nothing really) and heres another one that she's illustrating but another person is making the story and stuff (again first page of the comic) feel free to check them out if you want :D heres a link to her deviant art for more of her art

3265298_143804793111_2d51eb1a2f94402b9e0ed0363f5a076e.jpgkPic of the day is from the second comic she is doing the art for

i have been seriously out of it lately here on NG jeez forgive me for my absence (if anyone reads this of course). just my summer class is just taking some of my time. ive been good if anyone wondered. i really dont have much to talk about right now but i hope in the future i do ^_^ as always till next time peace!

3265298_143751408571_Gray.Garden.full.1760652.jpgfPicof the day -  probably my favorite OTP in gaming, its also from the Grey Garden, it had an emotional end and there may be another game linked to this world i dont know but i cant wait, loved everyone from the story. :D

fuck it

2015-06-22 13:53:31 by Tridentking

ill try not to get emotional here. dont wanna kill your moods with my saddness XD but yeah sorry havent been posting in a while, college and what not. but if i really need help you'll be my second option or second opinion :D...never trust the internet XD  anyways till next time peace


pic of the day, i got into mogekos art work and stuff and these are characters from a game called the grey garden, these guys are the past selves of the main characters, really interesting story and stuff. but yeah

Actual Story time

2015-04-11 02:24:41 by Tridentking

There was once a butterfly who fell in love with a flower and for days it would try to mate with it using its best moves trying to seduce it but nothing happened, he would not eat nor sleep and day and night would pass during his attempt at mating until the day came to when his wings could not take it and he finally crashed to the ground and fell into his enternal slumber with the last image in his head, his love

Love makes us do crazy things