Entry #2

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2017-07-19 23:42:14 by Tridentking

So after purging all my news stuff i posted from the past i realized this site has really impacted me. i grew up in this site, i met my first internet friends on here. used my first chatroom here. there was a lot of firsts here. its kinda sad i just stopped coming on here. this site was cool, its still cool. for the people i met here, you all rock thank you for not being toxic. im 21 now i think i was 13 when i first came on here. ive grown up a lot so as i was deleting my news posts i surely cringed really hard. im sorry if i made anyone who read those cringe. so yeah i guess thats it for now. have a wonderful day


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2017-07-20 06:34:20



2017-07-22 15:45:29

Dude I deleted ALL of my posts. I was not having that lol